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After years of imprisonment and experimentation in a Sentinel prison, an Oneon shatters its containment pod and begins the long road to escape. Can it evade the sentinels and their minions, and rescue its fellow Oneons along the way?

Oneons is a short, experimental sci-fi broughlike (coffee-break roguelike/roguelite) with 12 floors of tactical combat, dangerous enemies, and useful items. Strategize your limited health and energy as you descend through the increasingly difficult floors. Survive. Die. Fight again.

  • Navigate through twelve floors filled with unique and dangerous enemies, some with powers of their own.
  • Balance careful use of combat, energy, and your unique psionic blast ability to maximize your chances of survival
  • Free other Oneons to power up in your quest for freedom
  • Discover a story about oppression, faith, and hope

Accessibility matters! Contains several accessibility features, including:

  • Uses large, high-contrast images and text ideal for low-vision players
  • Uses simple, readable font for easy readability
  • Entirely playable by keyboard with fully-rebindable keys
  • One-hand friendly key bindings setup by default
  • Options you can access at any time during the game

If you've never played a roguelike (dungeon crawler) game before, here are some tips and things to know to get the most out of your experience:

  • To explore, click any square that has adjacent unexplored/black squares, or click on any object.
  • Nothing happens until you take a turn. Observe carefully the effects after you move.
  • The game is difficult. Expect to die a lot. When you die, you restart from the beginning.
  • You can hover your mouse over things to see more information. Look closely at icons and their explanations.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Oneons-Windows-v1.5.1.zip 43 MB
Oneons-Linux-v1.5.1.zip 43 MB


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You mentioned providing the early free version that was removed from Game Jolt.  I could not find a demo anywhere, to see if it was something I would like.  I've already received a warning for too many returns from Steam, so I would rather try your prototype first before purchasing.  I also sent you a direct message on Twitter, but never received a response.  Thank you.

I never got your Twitter message. Did you send it to the right account? Mine is @nightblade99.

If you're not sure if you will like it, you can check out the videos/GIFs (there are three videos on YouTube as of right now). The game-jam/GameJolt/free version is extremely old (from March 31st) and the game changed quite a lot since then.

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Yes, I sent the message to that twitter account.  I've already seen the videos, and the ones on YouTube.  But I still would be interested in sampling the early version, even though it's changed since March.   Thank you.

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What's your Twitter ID?


Looks like I can't send you a DM. Please send me a DM there, or @DeenGames, or drop by on Discord.

How come you don't have the latest version available?  1.5.0 was released last October.

Oh hey thanks for noticing!  I actually thought nobody's looking at the Itch version, and didn't bother updating it. I've uploaded v1.5.0 now.

If you're interested in buying it, I suggest Steam. It's currently on sale there (50% off) and they have a decent refund policy if you decide that you don't like it.


Nice! Tool me a while to understand how to use skills